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“EOS achieves the ideal balance between performance and decentralization.”

Creating and innovating the new internet of value.

Academic Research

EOS Beijing will jointly fund and conduct academic research initiatives on blockchain projects, and will promote EOS in these influential institutions. EOS Beijing has already established collaboration with Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University Institute of Parallel and Distributed Research.

Media, Wallets, Etc.

The EOS Beijing team and investors have extensive networks and influence in the Asian cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, and these valuable resources will be used to promote EOS. For example, EOS Beijing has already begun cooperation with GOLDLAR、Fengwo Mining Machine, and close partnerships with wallets and other parts of the ecosystem.

Project Incubation

EOS Beijing will independently develop or invest in and incubate EOS-related projects. EOS wallets, browsers, and other projects have already been developed and continue to evolve. EOS Beijing will cooperate will well-known incubators and investment firms and make full use of the resources of universities, community, and industry, to support EOS DAPP projects.


Experienced digital currency professionals and investors who are eager to participate in this new cutting-edge technology.



Fudan University, bachelor of engineering
Ex Huobi, director of derivatives products



Ex Huobi, account manager Senior miner



Wuhan University, master of law
Ex BitStar Exchange, co-founde



Fudan University, bachelor of engineering
Experienced in traditional IT and blockchain
Serial entrepreneur




In recent years, the development of blockchain technology has advanced faster than its practical applications. The balance of EOS performance and decentralization has led us to see the possibility of bridging this gap. The EOS Beijing team is composed of experienced digital currency professionals and investors who are eager to participate in this new cutting-edge technology.
EOS Beijing will collaborate with university research programs and various blockchain community groups, to support EOS-related academic research and promote EOS awareness and adoption. With the support and cooperation of exchanges, wallets, cryptocurrency media, and other elements of the ecosystem, we will be capable of making significant contributions to the success of EOS.